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Prenatal Multivitamins



Description & Benefits

From the moment you find out that you’re pregnant, you only want the very best for yourself and your developing baby and so do we. Roots and Land is founded by a team whose everyday life consist on supporting and caring for moms and their babies. A prenatal vitamin that is careful formulated to provide high quality and essential vitamins needed for healthy growth and development. It contains natural folate to develop your baby’s brain, spinal cord and promote a healthy birth weight, a complete B-complex supporting natural energy production and stress support, an organic vegetable and herbal blend, probiotics and digestive enzymes. Non-GMO, vegetarian, sugar free, no additives, no colors, no artificial flavors. 



EFFECTIVE: Carefully formulated prenatal vitamins with NO ADDED SUGER to support preconception, a healthy pregnancy and postpartum. Natural folate based recommended by OB/GYNS to support development of baby’s brain and spinal cord. 


COMPLETE: Complete B complex vitamins for natural energy production and stress reliever. 100% daily value of IRON for healthy red blood cell production. Vitamin C to support your immune system. 


GENTLE PRENATAL BLEND: Gentle on the stomach and easy to digest, with non-constipating ingredients. Natural FOOD & HERBAL BLEND for extra nourishment for both mom and baby and to also reduce cramps and morning sickness.


PROBIOTICS to help your digestive system work more efficiently. 


TRUSTWORTHY: Roots and Land proudly formulates this prenatal multivitamin supplement in a FDA- registered facility that is GMP certified and manufactured in the USA. 

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