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Is Prenatal Vitamins really necessary?.....

Have you ever asked why you need to take prenatal vitamins? Good question! Most of the vitamins included in the prenatal supplement's can be found in the food you eat; however, the effectiveness of the vitamins comes down to getting the right amount. For example, there are two specific vitamins that are really important, folate and iron. Extra folate is especially needed to prevent neural tube defects in your baby and promote healthy brain development. The extra iron is needed because when you become pregnant your blood volume increases, therefore, your iron level is more saturated between you and your baby. This is the reason why women are more likely to become iron deficient (anemic) during pregnancy. 


Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman
So many big changes are happening with your body and getting the extra support from vitamins is exactly what you need. It is highly recommended by doctors that women should start taking prenatal vitamins even before conception. The main reason for this is the positive impact folate has on your baby in the first weeks of development, and it is common for women not to know they are even pregnant at this time. Women should always be vigilant about what they're putting in their bodies. Taking prenatal vitamins is a good way to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. 
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