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WHY US.....?

Ever wonder if the vitamins you take is actually giving you what you need? Do you wonder how to pick the right one? Well, Roots and Land is founded by a Certified Midwife who spends her everyday life supporting and caring for women during an exciting and special time in their life. Midwife derives from the words ‘with-women,’ which describes the principle this company is built on. We aim to cater to women’s essential needs before conception, during pregnancy, and after pregnancy.


From the beginning of manufacturing to the end of production, we are heavily involved to ensure our ultimate goal and vision for our women is accomplished. Having the advantage of seeing and being closely involved with thousands of women during different stages has allowed us to see what and how much exactly is needed to ensure women have the right quantity their bodies need. Trusting is believing, and we know that giving your baby the best start it could have in life is your ultimate goal, so give us a chance to prove that's our ultimate goal too.


One of the most common complaints about prenatal vitamins that we hear from women is that it causes constipation, nausea, and smells bad. Roots and Land prenatal vitamins include an organic vegetable and herb blend that is easy on the stomach and promotes extra nourishment. These include things like peppermint and ginger which are known effective natural remedies for nausea and vomiting. We have also carefully incorporated vitamin B complex to help with extra energy production and reduce stress. We pride ourselves in the quality and standard of our vitamins by ensuring that our vitamins are Non-GMO, vegetarian, sugar free, have no additives, colors, and artificial flavors and are made in the USA. 

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